Additional therapies are available for children who
participate in the ABA Abilities program.

Here’s What You’ll Need

A prescription from a pediatrician or other specialist in Speech Therapy

Delays in speech development can hold your child back in social and educational settings, and may be linked to other oral difficulties, such as chewing and swallowing.

How Can We Help You?

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is the assessment and treatment of speech and language disorders. Such impairments often develop in childhood and may include: articulation disorders (trouble with word sounds), fluency disorders (affecting word flow, speed, and rhythm), and resonance disorders (affecting voice quality).

Children who have difficulty producing speech sounds may also need help with coordination of breathing, chewing, and swallowing. Speech therapy can help in these areas as well.  Specific exercises depend on the nature of the disorder, your child’s age, and special needs.

Speech therapy itself takes on the form of talking, playing, reading and more. Speech therapists model the correct sounds and encourage your child to emulate them. Strategies and goals are communicated to the parents too, helping to keep progress on track. There are also exercises to strengthen oral muscles and regulate breathing.

Speech Therapy is Provided by a Speech Language Therapist or Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)

Speech Language Therapists:

  • Have a master’s degree in speech therapy or speech-language pathology.
  • Are licensed and certified professionals.
  • Use proven techniques to assess, diagnose, and treat language and speech pathologies, as well as swallowing disorders.
  • Provide mentoring and evaluates patient progress, implementing changes to therapy programs as needed.

An SLP assists families with children who show significant language delay, hearing loss and with receptive and expressive language.

Speech therapy is about more than words, involving the mechanical components of respiration, articulation, resonance, and voice. Your Speech Language Therapist is familiar with the relationship between play and language development, as well as techniques to stimulate language development.

Individual Speech Therapy will take place in-center at our facility for children participating in the ABA Abilities program who have a written order from their Pediatrician or other specialist.

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