Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Signs of ASD

In general, certain patterns of behavior are looked for including:

  • Challenges interacting with others (not babbling, making odd sounds, not making gestures, not imitating, not talking,)
  • Behaviors like rocking, hand flapping, or running back and forth, repetitive routines
  • Difficulty engaging in age-appropriate play
  • Lack of eye contact

Diagnostic Evaluation is a formal evaluation performed by a trained specialist such as a Developmental Pediatrician, a Child Psychologist or other specialist. A diagnosis of ASD and written orders will qualify your child for specialized services such as ABA Services. Written Orders can be obtained after an evaluation in which the clinician recommends your child receive IBHS-ABA services. Visit our Parent Resources page for a list of evaluating professionals.

If your child has a diagnosis of ASD and has valid written orders, an ABA Abilities professional will complete a skills assessment as well as a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) to develop an individualized plan. They’ll work with you to review medical and family history, as well as your child’s developmental history.

Parents are a valuable part of the treatment team and integral when choosing appropriate goals that are a priority to the family.

Following the assessment, your BCBA will review the results and make clinical recommendations as to how many hours of ABA services would benefit your child.

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